Sunday, 29 April 2012

What's a Seat rollator and who needs one?

 What is a Rollator?

 A seat rollator is a walker  frame with tires and a place to sit while stationary..  Rather than lifting the walker to move, you can lean on it for support and when you push it rolls forward. The walker does not alter the normal walking gait of the user.
Don't misunderstand - the wheels don't do the work for you.  A rolling walker is best on flat solid surfaces.  You control pace and direction while you supply the power as it supports and stabilises you. The wheels swivel to let the user change directions easily whenever is requires. There are 6 inch wheels or 8 inch wheels to choose from. Bigger wheels are better outside , smaller inside.
A rollator is ideal for walking independently when you but who could use a little assistance with balance or endurance. It’s a bit like using a shopping trolley to balance and support you. The seat is always there to sit on when you need a rest.
The rollators have hand controlled brakes a bit like a bicycle brake. The alternative type of brake is the push down brake which engages when you lean forward on the handle bars.
They may be folded for easy storage and for convenient transport. Countless models feature an under seat storage back used to carry items and feature height adjustable armrests. Seat to floor heights are posted in each rollator's Description on Higher seats are usually easier to get in to or out of.
Would you rather walk than ride on a mobility scooter?  Are you determined to preserve or regain the use of your muscles and legs?  Do you only have the ability to walk short distances and then need a rest?

Rolling walkers - which one is right for you?

The main factors to consider when selecting a walker or rollator are:

  • Stand behind the rollator with your arms and hands hanging at your sides and both feet in line with the rear wheels. Adjust the height of the walker handles so that they are even with your hip joint. When you stand straight and grip the handles, your arms should be slightly bent at your elbows (approx 20 to 30 degrees).
  • Ensure that the rollator that you choose is designed for your body weight.
  • Wheel Size – a bigger wheel is suited better to a user that pushes the walker faster and usually walks outside. A smaller wheel is better suited to inside and a slower moving user.
  • Stability – there are different seat height to choose. Choose a height there is comfortable for your body type. Always choose one that allows you to firmly place your feet on the floor while you are in the seated position.

 Purchasing or buying a rollator or walker in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide Australia Wide or online.

 Rollators are shipped assembled. Handlebars and removable backrests are removed for shipping and must be re-attached. All brakes and cables are fully installed. No tools required to attach handlebars which need to be set to user height/comfort. Removable Backrests snap into position. Rollators can be purchased from www. or at any SHOPRIDER DEALER in AUSTRALIA.

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