Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Space Saver Shower Chairs , Stools , Toilet Risers

Developed and Patented in Australia for Australians -
The Redgumbrand Space Saver Range

Durable bathroom furniture that has a small form factor to fit into shower recesses and toilet areas.
Easy clean and stylish - finished in aluminium and white.

"It fits neatly and securely into the shower stall, it's light and easily removed from the shower after use for cleaning and collapses completely for storage or for taking away on holidays." - Nicci. P - 5 Stars .

For Space Saver Bathroom chairs and Toilet seat risers -ask about the optional
 coloured handles
and the benefits that they can provide for Dementia Customers or Autistic Customers.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Do you rent and need a safety rail in the shower or bathroom?

RG5903 300mm Suction Grab Rail or 

RG5904 400mm Suction Grab Rail.

The multi use Redgumbrand suction safety grab rails are great for travelling or rental properties! 

These rails available in 2 sizes are easily removed when it come time to move on. 

For added safety the rails have a pressure indicator that shows when they are securely attached (green) and when they are not gripping strongly ( red). 

- Assist individual to position / balance themselves.
- Visual indicators to assist with rail installation.
- Improve safety and reduce the risk of falls at home.
- Can be attached to any flat glass / tiled surface.
- No fixings required.
- Quick and easy to fit / reposition when required.
- Ergonomic ribbed hand grip on rail.
- Strong lightweight construction.
- Max assisted load is 65KG
Suction safety Rail for bathroom or toilet areas - no mountings required.

The best feature is that you do not lose your bond by having to drill holes in the bathroom or toilet wall - these rails DO NOT require fixings they use strong suction Mounts with Safety indicators .

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED NDIS FUNDING for your safety suction grab rail??

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Katie Day chair - the perfect partner

Do you have a Katie Low Back or High Back Chair with a foot rest or leg rest?

Do you wish that there was a way to have a table top so that you could :
Play cards?
Eat in front of the TV?
Have somewhere to set down your hot coffee?
Do your crosswords or draw?
Play on the iPad?
Use your laptop to check emails
Write your next novel or memories?
Make others without a table jealous?
Check your lotto.....and much much more?

may be the solution that you are looking for:
Height adjustable table with Katie Height adjustable chair
High Back Katie chair shown with over chair table

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Exercise while you are at home for rehabilitation pedal exerciser - COVID 19 Quarantine and stay in shape and healthy while at home

Exercise at home easily and comfortably - even while you watch TV

In home Pedal Exerciser - available for purchase online in Australia

Two Colours are available :        RGFEP1 - RED
                                                    RGFEP1 - BLUE

The Pedal Exerciser Shown in the folded - Storage Position .

FEATURES of the at home Redgumbrand Pedal Exerciser include

Portable pedal exerciser for legs and arms
Ideal for use when sitting or standing
Variable pedal tension adjustment
LCD display
Large plastic pedals with grip
Adjustable foot retainer straps
Strong lightweight construction
Folds up for transport or storage
Large rubber feet hold exerciser in place

SPECIFICATIONS of the Pedaling Machine Exerciser available online or in store  include:

(All dimensions shown are nominal)
Overall Width:
Overall Length:
460mm (300mm when folded)
Overall Height:
Pedal Width:
Product Weight:
Th Red Pedal Exerciser

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

April 2020 - Welcome Back to RedgumBRAND an Information Portal For Mobility Retailers and Customers

Redgumbrand are a leading Australian supplier of a wide range of mobility aids including Katie Chairs.

We are a West Australian owned and operated wheelchair and mobility equipment warehouse wholesaler that distributes these products to an AUSTRALIA wide retail dealer network.
We supply equipment across Australia both online and in Retail stores.

Our RedgumBRAND product range

REDGUMBrand offer a comprehensive range of products including:
Seat Walkers
Side folding Walkers
Walking Frames
Walking Sticks + Quads
Shower / Bathroom products
Toilet products
Cushions: Air / Foam
Lift Chairs
Electric Beds
Portable Aluminium Ramps
Personal Alarms
Large range of Spare Parts for all REDGUMbrand products
Katie Day Chairs
Spacesaver Shower Chairs
Spacesaver Shower Stools
Spacesaver Toilet Risers

Our newest Product is the Katie Day Chair.


Adjustable Seat Height
Adjustable Seat Depth
Contoured Padded Backrest
Comfortable Padded Seat
Large Padded Armrests
Chair Mobility Wheels to rear legs as standard
Backrest can be folded down for transit or storage
Strong lightweight construction
Epoxy Powder Coated framework
Vinyl covered upholstery
Please contact REDGUMBrand for information on KATIE CHAIR options

(All dimensions shown are nominal)
Overall Width: 665mm (at lowest setting)
Overall Depth: 650mm (at lowest setting)
Overall Height: 1140mm (at lowest setting)
Seat Width: 480mm (between armrests)
Seat Depth: 435 – 475mm (front of seat to middle of backrest)
Seat Height: 450 - 575mm: 5 settings (floor to top of seat)
Armrest Height: 220mm (top of seat to top of armrest)
Backrest Width: 480mm (at widest point)
Backrest Height: 425mm (low back) - 700mm (high back) (top of seat to top of backrest)
Backrest Angle: 98°
Mobility Wheel Diameter: Ø50mm
Product Weight: 11kg (low back) - 13kg (high back)

Katie Chair Maximum 
User Weight is: 200kg

A product suitable for Bariatric Users

- Katie Day Chair SET UP Procedures


Adjust the legs to the required height setting:
(Refer to page 4 for information on leg installation)
- Lay chair on its side to access legs
- Depress push button on leg
- Slightly rotate leg and adjust leg position
- Rotate leg to engage push button in required hole
- Ensure head of push button protrudes outside leg tube
- Repeat process for all four legs
- Front or rear legs can be set to achieve seat angle (if required)
- Stand chair on its legs – check height (repeat process if required)

Adjust the seat to the required depth setting:
- Lay chair on its side to access underside of seat
- Loosen off ALL four bolts using Allen key provided
- Move seat to required position
- Re-tighten all four bolts
- Stand chair on its legs – check seat depth (repeat process if required)


Monday, 17 December 2012

Mobility Scooter Universal Carry Bag

100% Cotton Canvas Storage Bag for Mobility Scooters or Wheelchairs

Call into Nearest Redgumbrand Stockist to See these durable and functional bags.


A New Range of Air Cushions Have Arrived

REDGUMBRAND has just released a great range of Air Comfort Cushions.

These cushions offer great comfort & support.  


These cushions available in a variety of sizes & styles. 

Each Air Comfort Cushion is made from high grade durable materials, comes with a cover with handle, inflation pump and is easy to wash & clean.

 The Air Comfort Cushion is very well priced and stocks are now available from all Redgumbrand retailers.

Currently Available

Single Valve 8 x 8 cells

Single Valve 8 x 9 cells

Single Valve 8 x 8 cells

Comfort Adjustable Valve Air Cushion